John Santucci





Inspiration for my work comes from many areas Architecture, Film and life experiences.

Like many, I've always had a fascination for the circus. The Big Top is a place of magic , illusion, risk and spectacle - it encompasses childlike wonder along with something darker, even sinister.

The circus life is also a life of constant movement - wagons roll into town, tents are pitched, high wires strung animals feed and watered. After the show the wagons move on, and the whole process starts all over again in the next town down the road. In that sense the circus paintings reflect a personal journey of over 20 years in the film industry, working within a close knit community but acutely aware of the temporal nature of the work.

The rollercoasters in the work are less ambiguous, and more defined as a place of menace, danger and damage. You pay your money, you take your chance...

Caravans appear regularly in my work  and are representative of a family history of migration and movement. My father migrated here from Northern Italy, finding employment in the steel towns of Newcastle, Wollongong and Whyalla. My family moved back and forth with his work, and I eventually worked at the BHP steel mills in Whyalla, a place marked in my paintings by their industrial and maritime themes.

Much of the work views its subject - city, suburban and religious iconography, industry and nature - from a floating, dreamlike perspective That sense of playfulness and whimsy balances weightier themes of family, work and culture.



2011 Green-Wood Gallery, Melb
2011 Paintbox Fine Art, Canberra
2010 SOHO Gallery, Sydney
2009 Green-Wood Gallery, Melb
2008 Green-Wood Gallery,Melb
2007 Jackman Gallery, Melb
2006 Jackman Gallery,Melb
2005 Frankston Arts Centre, Melb
2004 Jackman Gllery, Melb
2001 Mansour Hill Gallery, Melb
2000 Sui Generis Gallery, Melb


2010 Maritime Art Award
2010 SOHO Gallery, Sydney
2008 Maritime Art Award
2008 Singapore Art Fair ,Singapore
2008 Paintbox Fine Art
2007 Green-Wood Gallery , Melb
2005 Jackman Gallery, Melb
2005 Jackman Gallery, Melb
2004 Jackman Gallery, Melb
2002 George White Gallery, Melb
1999 Fitzroy Gallery, Melb


2008 Winner, Maritime Art Award
1999 Winner Peoples Choice Award


Whyalla City Council


Australia,Singapore,United Kingdom, Scotland